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  • After the payment is processed, how long does it take to start mining?

    Payment verification is important. Once your payment is verified, you can start mining immediately. This process can take more time since it all depends on the transaction verification process on the blockchain.

  • Is it possible to check mining returns? How?

    As we are super transparent, trustworthy, and secure. You can check everything on the Dashboard for example Earning Balance or Mining Return. Everything instant and Live.

  • Does it support auto payment?

    Security is our prime focus, that's why automatic payment is not possible. You can request payment manually, once you reach a minimum payment threshold.

  • Were are Speed Mining Data Centers Located?

    We are a global cloud mining company. Our data center is located worldwide. Our all data centers or mining farm are environmentally friendly. As we are using solar or wind renewable energy sources.

  • What is the transaction fee? Is there any transaction cost?

    If you are working with free mining plans then you have to pay 0.005 BTC maintenance fees. Upgrade to premium plans to avoid maintenance fees.

  • How does speed mining make a profit?

    We are a cloud mining company. We charge maintenance fees and also charge for premium mining plans. There is no hidden cost, we are super transparent.

  • Is Speed Mining a Ponzi Scheme?

    Not at all, This is the perfect way to invest in cryptocurrencies, It is just like investing money in the stock market.

  • Is there any affiliate program? How can I Earn from?

    Our highest paying bitcoin affiliate program allows all users to get participate and generate free bitcoin from a speed mining website. You can get a reward of up to 100% on our most premium affiliate plan.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Because of security reasons we are not providing any refund right now! In any condition, Once Hash power is allocated will not be returned back.

  • How many accounts allowed per person?

    Read more in our privacy policy. We allow only one account for one person. We don't allow multiple accounts, It is against our term and condition. If multiple accounts found, our account monitoring team will terminate membership immediately without any prior notice.

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